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Sunland, California-based Gary Gsell provides accurate public property assessment and expert witness services for civil litigation and personal injury attorneys. As the founder G. Gsell and Company LLC, I carefully explain municipal infrastructure policies and procedures to my valued clients. With more than ten years of litigation experience, I am well-known among attorneys and judges within Southern California. In fact, I have worked with them on numerous trials, arbitration, investigations, and depositions.

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Count on G. Gsell and Company LLC, for in-depth infrastructure assessment. My on site evaluations help you understand structure or area irregularities.

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Gary Gsell is the founder of G. Gsell and Company LLC located in Sunland, California. I clearly discuss infrastructure policies and procedures including municipality and industrial standards.

My experience is in asphalt and concrete technologies and the causes of their distress as it relates to streets and sidewalks.

Gary Gsell

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More Than 10 Years of Litigation Experience
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